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Oct 26, 2017

It Stains the Sand Red is Bad, done!

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Oct 21, 2017

Sharks scare me. It's more the idea that there is something under the water in a general sense the fact it is huge and has row after row of razor sharp teeth just adds to it. So genetically engineered, super smart, giant sharks are big on my list of Fuck No!

But hey it's better than most and there is actually a...

Oct 4, 2017

I'm not a huge fan of spy films. Hell I haven't watched a single new Bond film, the last one I saw was a Pierce Brosnan Bond film. When trailers for Kingsman the Secret Service came out I had no interest in seeing it. Another Bond-esque spy film, nah thanks.

I WAS FUCKING WRONG! Kingsman is awesome in every way! Buy it...