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Jul 27, 2016

In a very special Fathom Events screening I was able to see Batman: The Killing Joke before it was released on DVD. With a small controversy about the Batgirl segment of the movie it was gearing up to be an interesting movie.

Sorry for the abrupt ending to the podcast but I really just lost all composure, The Killing...

Jul 20, 2016

In a little slice of American greatness sits the city of Dillford, home of the riblet. Embodying the spirit of a melting pot the city's population is made up of Vampires, Zombies and Humans (Oh my!)! When Aliens come down from the sky all hell breaks loose as the populous turns on each other and it's every man...

Jul 13, 2016

It's on like Vampire Hunter D...Kong. It's the sequel that I had no idea was a sequel Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. It's basically vampire wacky racers, except with more blood less racers and also a hot vampire woman covered in blood!

It's Zombie Time! Also 90's Dub time! God it's so good/bad, memorably cheesy! Gushing...

Jul 6, 2016

Is it the end? Probably. The Kung Fu Panda series is probably over with the latest installment in which Po needs to learn the ancient art of Chi manipulation from his people, the pandas!

Overall an enjoyable ending to the Kung Fu Panda series.

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